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Catch as many falling Temptations® packs as possible by moving your cat left or right.


    Catch Temptations® packs to show off your hunting prowess! Use your cursor keys or mouse to scroll left or right to grab the falling Temptations® packs. Catching the wrong components, however, causes you to lose energy and eventually the game.

  • Keeping Your Energy

    This game is all about keeping your energy up. Hitting zero means the game finishes, but there are a few delicious treats to help keep you going and gain a higher score!

    “The Big Ones”

    Collect big points by snatching up the TEMPTATIONS® packs below. A 20-point energy boost is your reward if you can, so don’t let them escape!

    •  audio
    •  canvas

    “The Wild Ones”

    Pouncing on these TEMPTATIONS® packs gets you 10 energy points. But beware! You’ll lose 10 energy points if they get away!

    •  history

  • Low Points

    Don’t ignore these TEMPTATIONS® packs to get 5 energy points.

    • Drag and Drop
    • Menus


    Catching any of these means losing 20 energy points.

    • Flash
    • jQuery
    • CSS

  • Lose 10 energy points by accidently grabbing any of these. Be careful and just focus on the TEMPTATIONS® packs!

    • File API
    • Geolocation

    Now you are all set to show off your skills. Have fun!


Game over!

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